Product Evaluation Boards

Intan Technologies
Electrophysiology Amplifier
The RHD2000 Evaluation System supports the Intan Technologies RHD2000 series of electrophysiology sensor devices providing up to 64 unipolar sensor inputs and an optional accelerometer. The system software source code (C++ / Qt) is released as open source to encourage development with their sensor technology.
Texas Instruments
Ultrasound Transmit Solution
The TX-SDK-V2 is an evaluation board for the LM96530, LM96550, and LM96570 components as a complete ultrasound transmit solution. The TX-SDK-V2 utilizes the XEM3001 and Opal Kelly’s FrontPanel SDK to provide a GUI to control the LM96570 digital beamformer and LM96530 T/R switch.
Texas Instruments
High-speed precision ADCreference design
The ADS1675REF is a reference design for the ADS1675 high-speed, high-precision analog-to-digital converter. The ADS1675REF utilizes the XEM3010-1500P and Opal Kelly’s FrontPanel SDK to provide data transfer of the ADC samples to the PC for analysis in Texas Instruments’ own ADCPro analysis software.
National Semiconductor
Analog LaunchPad
XEM3020 (Custom)
Opal Kelly worked with National Semiconductor to design their Analog LaunchPad (ALP), an evaluation platform for their video and other products. The ALP (or XEM3020) is a Spartan-3E based platform which handles up to 3.25GHz signaling and incorporates FrontPanel™ to communicate with their extensive Python framework.
Cirrus Logic
CS485xx audio processorevaluation kit
Cirrus Logic has incorporated Opal Kelly’s FrontPanel SDK into their CDB48500-USB Evaluation Kit for use with their CS485xx High-Performance, Low Cost 32-Bit Audio Processor.

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