Optiphase: Waveform and Timing Generator

John Dailing at Optiphase has developed a PC-controlled Waveform and Timing Generator (WTG) Instrument using the Opal Kelly XEM3001 mated with a custom adapter PCB. The WTG Instrument was developed to support R&D instrument development where fully custom and fully embedded solutions are not practical. The WTG Instrument functions the same as a bench-top waveform generator, except it is only controllable from a PC application via a USB connection. However, in addition to providing features found in a bench-top waveform generator like high speed standard waveforms (sine, square, triangle, ramp, and saw-tooth), custom waveforms, and 10 MHz reference clock in and out, the WTG also has three low speed analog outputs, three 5V TTL outputs, two LVDS outputs, and a USB to RS-232 interface.

About John Dailing

John graduated from UC Davis with a BSEE in 1993 and has been an electronic design engineer for 18 years. Prior to college, John served six years as a nuclear operator in the US Navy. John is currently a Sr. Design Engineer doing PCB, Instrument, & System design and Verliog, LabVIEW, & C programming for Optiphase, a small company in Van Nuys, CA specializing in optical interferometric instrumentation for Oil & Gas, Medical, Academic, Government, and Defense industries. Prior to joining Optiphase in 2007, John had worked mostly at small companies, like Optiphase, which typically have a need for his diverse talents in areas such as analog, digital, FPGA, embedded, control systems, wireless, imaging, optoelectronics, PCB layout, and software. John also worked at UC Irvine from 1996 to 2001, providing engineering support for research in the Physics Department.

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