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The XEM8320 is the official development platform for the AMD-Xilinx Artix UltraScale+ FPGA. The XEM8320 is supported by Opal Kelly’s FrontPanel SDK, enabling a new level of rapid prototype development and a path to production deployment with the associated XEM8310-AU25P module.

Six SYZYGY ports provide expansion capabilities with external peripherals for data acquisition, signal generation, digital communication, sensing, networking, and more.

FlashPrototyping and OEM Integration

As a development platform, the XEM8320 is perfect for prototypes and proof-of-concept designs. For product integration and deployment, consider the companion XEM8310.

Kit Contents

XEM8320-AU25P development platform, USB 3.0 cable, fansink (installed), and 12V power supply.

1 PC
XCAU25P-2E, 1 GiB DDR4
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Build high-performance software-connected FPGA applications for prototypes, proof-of-concept, and production.

A multi-platform, multi-language development kit designed to help you reach your project milestones faster. Production-ready with thousands of customer deployments.

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Modern FPGA-to-Peripheral connectivity for high-performance data acquisition, instrumentation, and sensing.

  • High-performance, dense I/O
  • Lower pin count than FMC (VITA 57.1)
  • SmartVIO for modern I/O compatibility
  • Impedance-controlled and cable-capable



Four SYZYGY Standard ports and two SYZYGY transceiver ports supported by three SmartVIO groups


1 GiB DDR4

Integrated 1-GiByte DDR4 provides loads of high-speed on-board memory for high-performance applications, including video capture and data acquisition



Single-input (8 VDC to 14 VDC), high-efficiency switching power supplies provide stable, dependable power to the FPGA and SYZYGY peripherals



Measured performance at over 350 MiB/s for real-world data transfers to/from the PC using Opal Kelly's FrontPanel SDK

Block diagram

Block diagram


  • Data acquisition
  • Machine vision
  • Edge and endpoint machine learning / AI
  • Video and data analytics
  • Software-Defined Radio (SDR)
  • Digital communications and networking
  • Test, Measurement, and Instrumentation
  • Cryptography
  • Data Security

Technical Specifications and Support

Features & Specifications

  • Xilinx Artix UltraScale+ (XCAU25P-2FFVB676E)
  • 1-GiByte DDR4 (16-bit wide data interface)
  • 16-MiB system flash
  • 32-MiB QSPI FPGA flash
  • SuperSpeed USB 3.0 interface for configuration and data transfer
  • USB Type-C Connector
  • Measured performance over 350 MiB/s
  • Self-powered by single DC supply (8 to 14 VDC)
  • On-board temperature, voltage, and current monitoring with FrontPanel Device Sensors
  • Three fixed-frequency, low-jitter clock oscillators
  • Six LEDs
  • Two SFP+ cages
  • Two transceiver lanes (Rx + Tx + RefClk) available on SMA connectors
  • Software controlled bank I/O voltage rails with FrontPanel Device Settings
  • Four SYZYGY Standard ports
  • Two SYZYGY Transceiver (TXR4) port
  • Integrated JTAG-to-USB port with Type-C connector
  • FrontPanel SDK •• Complete Application Programmer's Interface (API) in C, C++, C#, Ruby, Python, and Java