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Placing an order

Placing an order with Opal Kelly couldn’t be easier. All orders are placed through our secure online store. Payment options are:

Credit card

Just add the items you want to your shopping cart and checkout. Your credit card is processed immediately and orders are shipped within 24-48 hrs.

Wire transfer (pre-paid)

Use the normal shopping cart procedure, but select “Wire Transfer” as the payment option. There is a small surcharge for wire transfer processing. Please contact [email protected] with your order number to get information to complete the transfer. Once we receive notice from our bank that the transfer is complete, we ship your order. We will hold the inventory for up to one week. After one week the order is canceled and the inventory is released, but can still be fulfilled if you notify us that payment was made.

Check (pre-paid)

Use the normal shopping cart procedure, but select “Check” as the payment option. When your order completes, you will be shown an address to send your check to. Once we receive payment, we ship your order. We will hold the inventory for up to two weeks. After two weeks the order is canceled and the inventory is released, but can still be fulfilled if you notify us that payment was made.

Sales Tax

Opal Kelly collects sales tax for shipments made to California. If your organization is exempt, please contact [email protected] before you place your order. We charge $50 or 10% of the sales tax (whichever is greater) to refund sales tax after payment has processed.

Account Management

The Opal Kelly online store is managed by a third-party shopping cart called UltraCart. If you create an account during checkout, you can view and manage this account by logging into the Customer Portal.

Invoice / Proforma Invoice

When you place an order through the online store, your order receipt will be emailed to you with an attached order invoice. For credit card payments, this is a paid invoice. For wire transfer and check payments, this is a proforma invoice. Once payment is made for the total amount, your order will be shipped within 24-48 hours. Emails from our online store will come from [email protected].


Need a Quote?

To get a quote (valid for 5 days), go through the checkout procedure and select “Request Quotation” as the checkout option. When your order is completely entered, an email will be sent with your quote. Note that all pricing shown on this website reflects the 10% discount valid for online purchases and credit purchases with a signed borrower agreement on-file.

Ordering by Purchase Order

Opal Kelly can provide Net 30 terms under very special circumstance and only for enterprise-level orders.

Organizations that require credit need to satisfy the following conditions:

  • Must be based and located in the U.S.
  • Must have a legislative requirement to purchase via Purchase Order and provide supporting documentation of this requirement.
  • Must provide references reporting average aging less than or equal to terms (i.e. no late payments).
  • Agreement to Opal Kelly terms and conditions. No additional terms allowed.

To apply for credit, your organization must:

  • Email ([email protected]) a copy of your bank and trade references. This is required for us to extend credit. We may deny or revoke credit terms for any reason.
  • Agree to our Terms & Conditions.
  • Submit your PO to [email protected]:
    • Your PO must not reference any terms and conditions other than those signed and agreed.
    • Any PO under $10,000 must include a separate line item: MOV Processing Fee – $500

ADDITIONAL NOTES: Net terms are from the shipment date, regardless of shipment method or arrival. To avoid late fees, be sure to account for USPS delivery times of payment. Late fees accrue at 1.5%/month. We do not waive late fees. Failure to pay on-time or pay late fees revokes credit terms. Failure to maintain minimum activity revokes credit terms. Credit will not be provided for a minimum of two years following revocation.

Shipment Tracking

When an order ships, you will be emailed tracking information to the email address provided with your order.

Wire Transfer Information

Contact [email protected]. As part of our security policy, we do not provide wire transfer information on our invoices and do not provide this automatically on checkout.

Company Information

If your company needs to set us up as a vendor, please use the following information on your supplier form:

  • Company Name: Opal Kelly Incorporated
  • Company Address: 13500 SW 72nd Ave, Suite 100, Portland, OR 97223-8013
  • Payment Address: 13500 SW 72nd Ave, Suite 100, Portland, OR 97223-8013
  • Payment Terms: Pre-payment
  • Payment Currency: US Dollar
  • Company FAX: 866.231.4429
  • Woman / Minority owned: No
  • CAGE Code: 4XZ10
  • DUNS Code: 153458117
  • Order Placement: https://opalkelly.com
  • Sales Contact: [email protected]
  • Technical Support Contact: [email protected]


Product Codes

Our products generally fall under categories for miscellaneous computer peripheral equipment. Specific codes we use are as follows:

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