Product Lifecycle

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Opal Kelly’s Commitment to Your Product’s Longevity

Our products rely on a number of devices from connector and semiconductor manufacturers and we regularly receive lifecycle updates from our vendors and manufacturers. Unfortunately, the eventual end-of-life will come to some of those devices that are critical for the manufacture of our product. When that happens, we’ll do our best to notify our customers through our newsletter and provide advance notice before last-time buy opportunitites.

Product lifecycle information is subject to customer demand and availability of materials. All information is subject to change without notice. Contact Opal Kelly Sales for detailed information and planning.

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Product Lifecycle Status

Production – Off-the-shelf ordering. Unless otherwise specified, minimum order quantity is 1 piece. Products typically ship from stock

Limited Production – Minimum order quantities may apply. Typical lead times of 6-12 weeks.

End-of-Life – Until existing inventory is exhausted.

Product Release Date Status Minimum Order Quantity
XEM8350 2019-11-15 Production 1 piece
XEM7310MT 2019-07-16 Production 1 piece
XEM7320 2018-07-24 Production 1 piece
XEM7305 2018-05-23 Production 1 piece
XEM7310 2017-01-24 Production 1 piece
XEM7010 2017-01-24 Production 1 piece
ZEM5310 2017-01-18 Production 1 piece
FOMD-ACV 2016-12-09 Production 1 piece
XEM7360 2016-04-22 Production 1 piece
ZEM5305 2016-04-14 Production 1 piece
XEM7001 2016-03-15 Production 1 piece
XEM7350 2014-05-27 Production 1 piece
ZEM4310 2014-03-17 Production 1 piece
XEM6310MT-LX45T 2014-01-07 Production 1 piece
XEM6310-LX150 2012-10-09 Production 1 piece
XEM6310-LX45 2012-10-09 Production 1 piece
XEM6002 2012-10-02 Production 1 piece
XEM6006 2011-10-04 Limited Production Existing Inventory 1 piece
Then 100 pieces
XEM6010-LX150 2011-03-16 Production 1 piece
XEM6010-LX150I 2011-03-16 Limited Production Existing Inventory 1 piece
Then 50 pieces
XEM6010-LX45 2011-03-16 Production 1 piece
XEM6010-LX45I 2011-03-16 Limited Production Existing Inventory 1 piece
Then 50 pieces
XEM6001 2010-12-17 Production 1 piece
XEM6110 2010-11-16 End-of-Life Existing Inventory 1 piece
Then Not Available
XEM5010-50M256 2009-11-09 Limited Production Existing Inventory 1 piece
Then 20 pieces
XEM3050 2008-10-21 Limited Production Existing Inventory 1 piece
Then 50 pieces
XEM3005 2006-12-17 Production 1 piece
XEM3010-1000 2005-12-14 Limited Production Existing Inventory 1 piece
Then 50 pieces
XEM3010-1500PI 2007-06-01 Limited Production Existing Inventory 1 piece
Then 50 pieces
XEM3010-1500P 2005-12-14 Production 1 piece
XEM3001 2004-10-01 Limited Production Existing Inventory 1 piece
Then 50 pieces

Other Products

Opal Kelly products not listed above (such as the breakout boards, evaluation modules, and headers) are not lifecycle managed. Design files for the breakout boards are available on our Downloads page. For more information on these products, please contact Opal Kelly Support.

Major Component Lifecycle

Our FPGA integration modules and the applications into which they are integrated are dependent upon the specific FPGA family upon which they are based. The information below is a representation of our understanding of the guidance provided by major vendors that will, more or less, dominate the lifecycle status of our devices. The information here is provided as guidance only and is subject to change.

Manufacturer / Product Opal Kelly Devices Estimated End-of-Life
Xilinx Kintex UltraScale XEM8350 2028
Intel/Altera Cyclone V ZEM5305, ZEM5310 2026
Xilinx Kintex-7 XEM7350, XEM7360 2025
Xilinx Artix-7 XEM7001, XEM7010, XEM7305, XEM7310, XEM7310MT, XEM7320 2025
Intel/Altera Cyclone IV ZEM4310 2024
Xilinx Virtex-6 XEM6320 2023
Xilinx Spartan-6 XEM6001, XEM6002, XEM6006, XEM6010, XEM6310, XEM6310MT 2023
Xilinx Virtex-5 XEM5010 2020
Xilinx Spartan-3E XEM3005 2020
Xilinx Spartan-3 XEM3001, XEM3010, XEM3050 2018