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Build high-performance software-connected FPGA applications for prototypes, proof-of-concept, and production.


Software API


Device Firmware



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3D Models

Mechanical integration with confidence! Accurate 3D solid models are generated in SolidWorks based on PCB data and made available as SolidWorks Assemblies, STEP, and IGES formats.

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3D models

FrontPanel SDK Reference Designs

Image and video capture are two of the most common applications for our devices and the FrontPanel™ SDK. Jump start your project with our image sensor reference designs.

EVB1005 image capture add-on module for the XEM6310, XEM7310, and others


(XEM6010, XEM6310) Learn More
EVB1006 image capture add-on FMC module for the XEM6006 and XEM7350 FMC carriers


(FMC, Shuttle LX1, Shuttle TX1) Learn More
EVB1007 image capture add-on module for the ZEM4310


(HSMC, ZEM4310) Learn More


Our customers do amazing things with our modules.

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