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Opal Kelly Expands Line of AMD FPGA Development Boards to Artix UltraScale+ With XEM8305

Opal Kelly, a leading producer of powerful Field Programmable Gate Array (FPGA) modules that provide essential device-to-computer interconnect, today announced the XEM8305 integration module, the latest in a line of FPGA development boards powered by the AMD UltraScale+™ family of FPGAs. The XEM8305 pairs the efficiency of the Artix™ AU15P with the versatility of Opal Kelly’s FrontPanel® SDK to reduce time to market and simplify supply chains.

The XEM8305 integration module gives customers the tools to leverage the high-bandwidth connectivity of UltraScale+ architecture right out of the box while maintaining the focus on balance and efficiency of the Artix line. The development board runs on single-input 5-15 VDC power, 1GB DDR4, and one low-jitter fixed oscillator but surfaces the AU15P’s 52 HP I/O, 72 HD I/O, and 12 GTH transceiver lanes via 3 Samtec Edge Rate® Rugged High Speed mezzanine connectors optimized for durable signal integrity. Integrated SuperSpeed USB 3.0 expands that connectivity to your PC, Mac, or embedded hardware with Opal Kelly’s FrontPanel SDK.

The FrontPanel SDK offers a robust API for powering FPGA-connected software as well as a library of tools including gateware IP cores to jumpstart HDL development and built-in firmware for out-of-the-box device communication. All these pieces combine to make a multi-language, multi-platform environment for designing, testing, and deploying FPGA applications.

The ability to manage software, firmware, and gateware across the development cycle means the XEM8305 is not only a feature-rich development board but a production-ready component with a compact 83x53mm footprint.

Availability / Pricing / More Info.

The XEM8305-AU15P-2E is now available through Opal Kelly’s online store at $799.95 each. The XEM8305-AU15P-1E is also available with minimum order quantities. Contact Opal Kelly sales for more information.

The BRK8305 breakout board is also available at $129.95 and is useful for early evaluation and engagement. To order the XEM8305 or to see a product brief on the development platform visit opalkelly.com or contact [email protected].