Industrial automation continues to add smarter machines that continue to expand the interconnected matrices within their ecosystems. Robotics, artificial intelligence and edge computing push the requirements even further.

As industrial automation designers navigate these expanding requirements, they need faster processing, increased multi-functionality, and the flexibility to change and quickly expand their designs. Add to that, the need for lower power consumption and ability to function in harsh environments. An array of various FPGA modules can address many of these needs.

Opal Kelly FPGA modules have been deployed in hundreds of industrial automation plants. Our extensive selection of FPGA modules and accessories range from simple and low-cost to highly sophisticated multichannel devices. Platform support includes Windows, macOS, and Linux on both x86 and ARM architectures. Our FrontPanel® SDK simply and dramatically accelerates module programming.

We provide the right device tailored to your project and budget, and ultimately, faster production time in Industrial Automation applications.

Customer Deployments

UPS logo


The U.S. Postal Service has refurbished 195 Mail Processing Machines using the Opal Kelly FrontPanel API and an FPGA modules with USB 2.0 to PC running Linux.

Vanserum Vision logo

Vanserum Vision

Automatic visual inspection has gradually found its way into the forest industry. There are plenty of inspection tasks in sawmills as well as in the secondary wood industry, e.g. production of furniture and construction components, such as windows, beams, etc.

Regardless of where in the production chain the systems are used, the primary task is to find various defects on the lumber surface, such as knots, cracks, stain, resin pockets, and dimension faults, etc.

Vanserum Vision built a high performance camera for wood inspection using Opal Kelly’s FPGA modules and Image Sensors.

Neuronix logo


The patent-pending Neuronix technologies will be designed into vision-guided industrial robots and into military and video surveillance systems. Neuronix uses Opal Kelly’s FPGA modules to perform buffering and DSP functions, as well as communicate to a PC via USB.

Static Control logo

Static Control Components

Static Control Components, the world’s largest manufacturer and distributor of parts and supplies supporting the laser toner remanufacturing industry, uses Opal Kelly FPGA modules in in-house test equipment to test their assembled products.


  • Manufacturing Robotics
  • Oil and Gas
  • Smart Buildings
  • Material Science / Metallurgy
  • Postal Service

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