Year: 2006

RoHS Compliance Notice for XEM3010-1500P

PORTLAND, OR – All XEM3010-1500P modules currently shipping are now fully RoHS compliant. The XEM3010-1000, however, remains RoHS non-compliant as we continue to purge our existing inventory.

RoHS Compliance Notice for XEM3010-1000 and XEM3010-1500P

It has come to our attention that, due to a misunderstanding regarding one vendor’s components, the XEM3010-1000 and XEM3010-1500P are not fully RoHS compliant. We apologize for the inconvenience particularly in light of our recent RoHS compliance announcement.

RoHS Compliance

All Opal Kelly products are now fully RoHS-compliant, including their popular XEM3001 and XEM3010 FPGA modules as well as all add-on modules and accessories sold through their online store.