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RoHS Compliance Notice for XEM3010-1000 and XEM3010-1500P

PORTLAND, OR – It has come to our attention that, due to a misunderstanding regarding one vendor’s components, the XEM3010-1000 and XEM3010-1500P are not fully RoHS compliant. We apologize for the inconvenience particularly in light of our recent RoHS compliance announcement.

We are still shipping to EU countries. Our device is classified as a subasssembly because it would be a component in other manufactured items and is therefore exempt from RoHS requirements. If you are distributing a product with the XEM3010 as a subassembly, however, you may be affected.

We have taken measures to update our part inventory to assure that this does not happen for future builds. The XEM3001 and RAM3001 are fully RoHS-compliant. Of course, all future builds of our XEM3010 will be compliant and we will make an announcement when these compliant devices are available.