Year: 2022

Opal Kelly Announces XEM8310 FPGA Development Module for Xilinx Artix UltraScale+

Based on Xilinx Artix UltraScale+ FPGA Complements Opal Kelly’s XEM8320 Development Platform and Features Their FrontPanel SDK Press Release Portland, Oregon – April 12, 2022 Opal Kelly, a leading producer of powerful Field Programmable Gate Array (FPGA) modules that provide essential device-to-computer interconnect, today announced the XEM8310-AU25P development module for the Xilinx Artix® UltraScale+™ FPGA. […]

Opal Kelly Announces XEM8320 FPGA Development Platform for Xilinx Artix UltraScale+ FPGAs

Based on Xilinx Artix UltraScale+ FPGA, XEM8320-AU25P Features Opal Kelly FrontPanel SDK, SYZYGY Connectivity Media Coverage Artix UltraScale+ (Xilinx) + XEM8320 (Opal Kelly) = SYZYGY’s Time to Shine — Max Maxfield, EE Journal Xilinx Artix UltraScale+ FPGA development platform released — Gina Ross, Electronic Products FPGA Module Incorporates Multiple Modular Peripheral Connections — Product of […]