5 Mp color sensor, IR-cut lens
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Developer's Release (V2) for EVB100x
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5 Mp color sensor, No IR-cut lens
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The EVB1005, EVB1006, and EVB1007 are 5 Mpixel image sensor modules designed to help you evaluate our FPGA integration modules for your application. The EVB1005 is compatible with the XEM7310, XEM7010, XEM6310, XEM6010, XEM6110, XEM3050, and XEM3010. The EVB1006 is an FMC format device and is compatible with FMC-compliant carriers including the tiny Shuttle LX1. The EVB1007 is an HSMC format device and is compatible with HSMC-compliant carriers including the ZEM4310.

An Eval Board for Eval Board Designers!

We designed the EVB100X for several reasons. Among them was to show semiconductor manufacturers how they could leverage our integration modules (such as the Shuttle LX1) to build evaluation systems that exhibit their products best to their customers. We’ve even written a white paper on the subject.

okSnap and okCamera

To help introduce you to our FrontPanel API and HDL modules, the Developer’s Release includes C++ and HDL sources for our command-line and GUI application demos for the XEM7350, XEM7310, XEM7010, XEM6310, XEM6010, and XEM6006. The Standard Release (included with the module) includes C++ source code for the okSnap command-line demo.

5 Mpixel Image Sensor

Both modules have the Aptina MT9P031I12STC 5 Mpixelcolor CMOS image sensor capable of full-resolution frame rates up to 14 fps or VGA frame rates up to 53 fps.

Block diagram

Software and Example Source

The Standard Release is freely available and works with the EVB1005, EVB1006, and EVB1007. It is available on our Download Page. The Developer’s Release is available as a separate software purchase through our online store.

Both releases contain software and HDL for the XEM7350, XEM7310, XEM7010, XEM6310, XEM6010, XEM6006, and ZEM4310. Although the EVB1005 will also work with the XEM3010, XEM3050, and XEM6110, you will need the developer’s release and some HDL modification will be required to work with these boards.

okSnapApp Demo
Single image capture demo in a small command-line utility. Full source provided in Standard release.
FreeMat Demo
Capture and display images using just a few lines of FreeMat using the FrontPanel API DLL.
okCameraApp Demo
Real-time image capture GUI on Windows built with wxWidgets communicated with the image capture processor for double-buffered image capture.
Image Capture Processor
Full Verilog HDL source code for the image capture processor is available in the Developer’s Release.

Technical Specifications and Support

Features & Specifications

  • Aptina MT9P031 5-Mpixel CMOS image sensor
  • EVB1005 form-factor fits the XEM7310, XEM7010, XEM6310, XEM6010
  • EVB1006 form-factor is per FMC specification
  • EVB1007 form-factor is per HSMC specification
  • 14 fps at full resolution (2592 x 1944)
  • 53 fps at VGA resolution (640 x 480)
  • 96 MHz pixel clock
  • 12-bit ADC resolution
  • Snapshot and electronic rolling shutter capture modes
  • HDL source code available in Developer's Release
  • okSnap C++ source code included for single-frame command-line capture

Software & Source Code

Standard Release
  • EVB pre-built bitfiles for XEM7350, XEM7310, XEM7010, XEM6310, XEM6010, XEM6006, and ZEM4310
  • okCameraApp and okSnapApp binaries for Windows/32 and /64
  • okSnapApp C++ source code
  • FreeMat sample source code
Developer's Release
  • All items in the Standard Release
  • okCameraApp C++ source code
  • CPLD source code (EVB1005)
  • FPGA HDL source code for image capture processor