FrontPanel SDK Examples

These pages include a number of resources to help make you more productive with our products. Please refer to the following resources if you need a hand.

The FrontPanel SDK solves a wide variety of PC (Software) to FPGA (Hardware) communication scenarios. We’ve compiled this set of common scenarios as part tutorial, part FAQ to help you understand how FrontPanel can be put to use in your design.

The examples are arranged in general categories:

  • Infrastructure – Enumerating, opening, and configuring devices.
  • Communication – Synchronous and asynchronous data communication.
  • API Functions – Additional API support functionality.

Device Support

The FrontPanel SDK supports our USB 2.0, USB 3.0 and PCI Express devices. While software and HDL compatibility among these device families is very strong, there are some subtle differences. For example, the USB 2.0 Wires, Triggers, and Pipes are 16-bit wide at the HDL interface. The USB 3.0 Wires, Triggers, and Pipes are 32-bit wide. Aside from these minor differences, you should find a lot of familiarity with the examples here even if they aren’t exact to your device.