Kevin Smith

Kevin SmithKevin Smith is an experienced digital design engineer and system architect with 12 years of Xilinx experience and a track record of creative uses of hardware and software to solve problems. Most recently, he is consulting on low-cost military radar projects and has an active DOD secret security clearance. He has also consulted on digital video, high-speed data capture cards using the PCI bus, and written interfaces for many standard devices: DDR memory controllers, flash, I2C, etc.

In addition to performing digital design, he enjoys “teaching a man to fish” in the form of VHDL and Verilog training and design consulting for enabling the success of others. “With Opal Kelly boards, we have created mini-platforms for data capture and replaying scenarios that are impossible to reproduce in the field, as our tests involve moving vehicles, noise, projectiles, and temperature. Our Opal Kelly emulation systems can log these variables and then re-play them into the system to test various algorithms.”

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