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ECM1900 Reference Platform
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The BRK1900 is a complete reference platform for the ECM1900 Edge Compute Module™ providing multiple interfaces to various connections on the ECM1900 such as DC power input, 6x SYZYGY connectors, QSFP receptacles, a SATA connector, JTAG, ethernet PHY, USB PHY, and a programmable clock oscillator. Three additional 2mm headers provide connections to the remaining FPGA and CPU I/O pins for general purpose application.

Detailed physical dimensions and schematics are available in the ECM1900 User’s Manual. Full Altium Designer design files and Gerber files are available on our Download Page.

The high-density connectors for mating to the ECM1900 are pre-installed on the BRK1900. SYZYGY connectors, QSFP cages, SATA, JTAG, and SMA connectors are also pre-installed. QSFP modules are not included.

Block diagram

Block diagram

Technical Specifications and Support

Features & Specifications

  • Reference platform and design for the ECM1900 Edge Compute Module™
  • DC input power (+6VDC to +15VDC) via barrel jack or 6-pin Mini-Fit
  • USB PHY (Microchip USB3320C)
  • Ethernet PHY (Microchip KSZ9031)
  • Programmable clock oscillator (Silicon Labs Si5338B)
  • 4x SYZYGY Standard ports
  • 2x SYZYGY Transceiver ports
  • 2x QSFP cages
  • Ethernet MAC ID PROM
  • Three additional 2mm headers for surplus FPGA and CPU I/O
  • SATA connector
  • JTAG connector