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For XEM3005 integration module
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Pack of two 40-pin 0.1" male headers
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Pack of two 40-pin 0.1" female headers
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The BRK3005 breakout board provides an easy connection to both high-density connectors on the XEM3005 by routing all signals to four 40-pin 0.1″ headers arrayed in a 0.1″ grid.

A single pushbutton is provided (connected to JP3-72) to help with debugging.

The high-density connectors for mating to the XEM3005 are pre-installed on the BRK3005. (Note: 0.1″ headers are not included.)


The XEM3005 needs external +3.3V and +1.2V power supplies to operate.  The BRK3005 supplies these voltages regulated from a single +5V power supply which may be supplied externally or from the USB cable.


Detailed physical dimensions are available in the XEM3005 User’s Manual, and a 3D model of the board can be found on the 3D Solid Models page. Full Altium Designer design files and Gerber files are available on our Download Page.

Block diagram

Block diagram

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