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For XEM7360 integration module
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Pack of two 40-pin 2mm male headers
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Pack of two 40-pin 2mm female headers
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The BRK7360 breakout board provides an easy connection to both high-density connectors on the XEM7360 by routing the FPGA I/O signals to thru-hole pins on a 2-mm grid and the transceiver signals to high-speed connectors: SATA, SMA, U.FL, and SFP.

Detailed physical dimensions and schematics are available in the XEM7360 User’s Manual. Full Altium Designer design files and Gerber files are available on our Download Page.

The high-density connectors for mating to the XEM7360 are pre-installed on the BRK7360. SFP cages, U.FL, SATA, and SMA connectors are also pre-installed. 2-mm headers and SFP modules are not included.

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