Special-Order Items

Our products fit a very wide range of customer needs, but sometimes we’re just not quite meeting the requirements. We’re often asked to build customized products for customers, sometimes with only minor changes. When these boards are produced, we usually have some surplus items available.

If the products or quantities you need aren’t available below, please contact [email protected] to see what we can do for you!

Available Special-Order Surplus

The following parts are available in very limited quantities. First-come, first-serve, and by web order only. Each line represents one, single device available. Click on the price to add the item to your cart.

Product Description Price
XEM5010-50M256-3 Standard XEM5010 product with the -3 speed grade FPGA installed Email us!
XEM5010-50M256-I Standard XEM5010 product with industrial temp components Email us!
XEM5010-110M256 Standard XEM5010 product with the XC5VLX110-1FFG676C FPGA installed Email us!