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Dual 40 MSPS 12-bit ADC
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Dual 125 MSPS 14-bit ADC
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SYZYGY hardware mounting kit
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The SZG-ADC-LTC2264 is a dual 40 MSPS 12-bit ADC based on the Analog Devices LTC2264. The board is heavily influenced by the manufacturer’s evaluation board and features a 50Ω input with isolation transformer. In the default configuration, the sampling clock is driven by the FPGA with an option to provide an external single-ended clock source via SMA connector.

The SZG-ADC-LTC2268-14 is a 125 MSPS 14-bit ADC variant of the same peripheral using the Analog Devices LTC2268.

Technical Specifications and Support

Features & Specifications

  • SYZYGY Standard Peripheral
  • Dual (2-channel) 40 MSPS 12-bit ADC (or 125 MSPS, 14-bit)
  • ADC family is available to 125 MSPS and 14-bit resolution (contact [email protected])
  • LVDS output to the FPGA
  • Ultralow jitter and no anti-alias filtering allows undersampling of IF frequencies
  • Ideal for SDR (software-defined radio) applications