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SYZYGY Transceiver (TXR4) Breakout Peripheral
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SYZYGY hardware mounting kit
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The SZG-BRK-TXR4 is a SYZYGY Transceiver (TXR4) peripheral intended to be used during early prototype development or experimentation to provide access to the high density SYZYGY port.

Note that this peripheral supports TXR4 and is compatible with the following products:

This peripheral is not compatible with carriers that support the TXR2 implementation. For a TXR2-compatible breakout peripheral, please see the SZG-BRK-TXR.

Technical Specifications and Support

Features & Specifications

  • SYZYGY Transceiver (TXR4) peripheral
  • Port I/O pinned out to 2mm header
  • Transceiver pairs pinned out to paired U.FL connectors
  • SmartVIO configured to 1.2v to 3.3v for maximum group compatibility
  • Programming header to reprogram AVR / SYZYGY DNA controller