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Altera Cyclone V E on a SODIMM FPGA-on-Module

Press Release

FOMD-ACVPortland, Oregon – December 9, 2016 – Opal Kelly, a leading producer of powerful FPGA modules and the FrontPanel SDK that provide essential device-to-computer interconnect using USB or PCI Express, announced the FOMD-ACV-A4, the company’s first FPGA-on-Module for integration applications that do not require FrontPanel support. The FOMD-ACV-A4 is a small, thin, SODIMM-style module that fits a standard 204-pin SODIMM socket for low-cost integrations and includes on-board power supplies, flash memory, and DDR3 memory.

Measuring only 67.6mm x 36mm x 3.7mm, the FOMD-ACV is designed to fit a standard DDR3 SODIMM socket. Only a single commodity DDR3 SODIMM socket is required on the carrier, eliminating the cost of mezzanine connectors on the module and reducing carrier cost. The compact module includes an Altera Cyclone V E FPGA and 512 MiB DDR3 memory, making the module suitable for many types of embedded systems applications, including data acquisition, image and video capture / processing, test equipment, and 3D printers.

The module is powered externally from the customer’s carrier board and the on-board high efficiency switching power supplies accept a wide input voltage allowing the device to operate from standard lithium ion rechargeable batteries. On-board 16-megabyte flash may be used to store configuration data so the FPGA can boot quickly when powered on. These features allow the device to be used in portable applications such as drones and data loggers.

Opal Kelly also offers an optional evaluation and reference platform, the BRKD-ACV, that includes over-voltage protection for the DC input, user-programmable power supplies, and four Digilent PMOD connectors for experimentation and evaluation of the FOMD-ACV. With this combination, customers can immediately start developing their final application and migrate to a custom-designed carrier when that becomes available.


The FOMD-ACV-A4 is in stock and available now through Opal Kelly’s online web store at $174.95 (qty 1) with volume pricing as low as $109.95 each. The BRKD-ACV reference board is also available now through the online store at $99.95. Please contact [email protected] for additional information or pre-sales questions.

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Opal Kelly, founded in 2004, offers a range of powerful, off-the-shelf, FPGA integration modules and the robust, easy-to-use Opal Kelly FrontPanel SDK. Opal Kelly production-ready integration modules are perfect for all phases of product development from prototyping, through test and development, and OEM integration. The Opal Kelly FrontPanel SDK provides essential high speed device-to-computer interconnect on supported USB 2.0 and USB 3.0 devices. Development engineers, researchers, teachers, and serious hobbyists, worldwide, use Opal Kelly modules for a versatile and economical interconnect solution that shortens development time, fills expertise gaps, and dramatically accelerates time to market. For more information, or to purchase Opal Kelly products, please visit www.opalkelly.com.