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FrontPanel 5.2

We’ve rolled a number of updates into this release. Here are some of the highlights.

  • The Python 3 API wrapper is now compatible with all Python 3.x versions beyond 3.4.
  • FPoIP servers may now communicate with clients based on earlier protocol versions as long as there are no incompatible differences.
  • FrontPanel for Android distribution libraries have been fixed.
  • Additional bug fixes and improvements.

More release note information and specific OS / compiler / interpreter support information is available in the official release notes. Visit Pins Downloads to access the latest release.

FrontPanel for Android

FrontPanel for Android is still in beta.

If you’re using this release, we’d like to learn about your experience so far! Please contact us at [email protected].

Coming Soon! FrontPanel WebAPI

That’s right — with the WebAPI, you’ll be able to program and control your FrontPanel-enabled devices from a web browser through a FrontPanel-over-IP server.

While FrontPanel is already supported on several platforms and programming languages, this next installment adds the web browser and JavaScript (well, TypeScript, really). Stay tuned for more information.