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NIST XEM6010-Based Digital Servo

The Time and Frequency Division of the Ion Storage Group at the National Institute of Standards and Technology have created an open-source general purpose digital feedback controller using the XEM6010-LX150. According to the project description, “it has been optimized for feedback control of lasers in atomic, molecular, and optical (AMO) physics experiments, but it should be applicable in other control applications with similar bandwidth, noise, and loop shape requirements.”

Their paper, An Open Source Digital Servo for AMO Physics Experiments, describes the details and their GitHub project includes sources for the hardware, firmware, software design, and enclosure.

The project is built using the XEM6010-LX150 to communicate with custom software the team has written. The device interior and software are shown in the image to the right. Full-size versions of the images shown here and a software screenshot are available in the project documentation on the GitHub page.

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