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Spartan-6 Module with Gigabit Transceivers and SuperSpeed USB 3.0

Opal Kelly Announces Spartan-6 FPGA Module with Gigabit Transceivers and SuperSpeed USB 3.0.

Press Coverage

Need a fast way to develop complex, real-time USB 3.0 peripheral devices? This 60x75mm FPGA-based module can help. Xilinx Xcell Daily Blog, Steve Leibson

Press Release

Portland, Oregon – January 7, 2014 – Opal Kelly, a leading producer of powerful FPGA modules that provide essential device-to-computer interconnect using USB or PCI Express, announced the XEM6310MT USB 3.0 FPGA Module, which leverages the SuperSpeed USB 3.0 interface for downloading and communication. The XEM6310MT delivers transfer rates exceeding 330MB/s. Based on the powerful Xilinx Spartan-6 LXT FPGA, the XEM6310MT includes four high-speed serial gigabit transceivers with standard support for PCI Express, Display-Port, HD-SDI, XAUI, Aurora, SATA, and others operating up to 3.125 Gb/s.

The Opal Kelly XEM6310MT utilizes the powerful Xilinx Spartan-6. The XEM6310MT-LX45T is based on the Xilinx XC6SLX45T. Also available on special order, the XEM6310MT-LX150T is based on the Xilinx XC6SLX150T. Both modules are ideal building blocks for OEM devices where a super-fast USB 3.0 interface, a flexible hardware solution, and / or a PC software interface are required. The new XEM6310MT module includes SuperSpeed USB 3.0 FPGA configuration and data transfer, with integrated DDR2 SDRAM, power supplies, and configuration flash. The XEM6310MT, as with the full range of Opal Kelly FPGA modules, leverages the powerful Opal Kelly multi-platform FrontPanel SDK and application, providing turnkey USB integration with the convenience of the FrontPanel programmer’s interface and USB drivers.

The four high-speed serial transceivers on the XEM6310MT are ideal for implementing popular industry standard serial protocols such as PCI Express, SATA, DisplayPort, and others. Additionally, with Xilinx’s Aurora protocol, the XEM6310MT can be used to implement custom lightweight high-speed communications over coax or fiber cabling. Active customer deployments include high-speed, cabled communication between subsystems within a larger system.

The XEM6310MT-LX45T is in stock and available now through Opal Kelly’s online web store at $799.95 (Qty 1) with significant volume discounts. The BRK6310MT breakout board is also available for $129.95 / each and comes fully populated with SMA connectors for prototyping and evaluation of the gigabit transceivers.

About Opal Kelly

Opal Kelly, founded in 2004, offers a range of powerful, off-the-shelf, USB 2.0, USB 3.0, and PCI Express FPGA modules, including the easy-to-use Opal Kelly FrontPanel software interface and robust API. Opal Kelly products provide the essential device-to-computer interconnect for fast and efficient product prototyping, testing, development, and OEM integration. Development engineers, researchers, teachers, and serious hobbyists, worldwide, use Opal Kelly modules for a versatile and economical interconnect solution that shortens development time, fills expertise gaps, and dramatically accelerates time to market. For more information, or to purchase Opal Kelly products, please visit www.opalkelly.com.