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XEM3010 Released

CHAMPAIGN, IL – Opal Kelly has released the XEM3010 Xilinx Spartan-3 Integration Module, adding to their line of USB 2.0 FPGA modules for general-purpose and OEM usage. The new module utilizes an XC3S1500 (XC3S1000 optional) FPGA and includes 32 MB SDRAM, Xilinx configuration PROM, and high-efficiency switch-mode supplies.

Measuring only 75mm x 50mm, the new XEM3010 is smaller than most comparable commercial FPGA boards without sacrificing important features. The board can be powered by an on-board DC connector or by providing 4.5v – 5.5v to the board over the expansion bus. An on-board configuration PROM allows the XEM3010 to be configured as a standalone device without its USB tether.

Additionally, the 32 MB word-wide SDRAM provides off-chip memory for a myriad of applications and a multi-output, triple PLL is on-board for agile clock synthesis. Two high-density (0.8mm) board-to-board connectors provide over 110 dedicated FPGA pins, including access to the I/O bank VCCOs for flexible interface requirements.

FrontPanel API and Software

All Opal Kelly USB FPGA devices are supported by the company’s innovative FrontPanel software suite. The FrontPanel API allows designers to configure and communicate with their FPGA design from their own software using C++, Python, or Java libraries. A Windows DLL brings access to many third-party environments such as Matlab and LabVIEW. Sample Matlab and LabVIEW wrappers are included.

For simple designs, the FrontPanel application allows designers to build user interfaces using virtual instruments such as LEDs, pushbuttons, and hex displays – linking the I/O of these instruments directly to nets within the HDL design. FrontPanel is supported under Windows and Linux (FedoraCore 3) with Mac OS X support currently in beta.

Price and Availability

The XEM3010 is available now for order from the Opal Kelly online store. The XEM3010-1000 (with XC3S1000 and no configuration PROM) is $349.95 in single quantities. The XEM3010-1500 (with XC3S1500 and configuration PROM) is $399.95 in single quantities. Significant quantity discounts apply. About Opal Kelly

Located in Champaign, Illinois, Opal Kelly has recognized that the increasing complexity of designing PCBs with FPGAs works against the widespread usage and desire to include the enormous benefits of FPGA technology in a variety of products. By providing compact, simple boards and an easy-to-use programming API, Opal Kelly hopes more engineers can take advantage of these flexible devices in their designs.