In-House Test Equipment

Digital Servo
The Time and Frequency Division of the Ion Storage Group at the National Institute of Standards and Technology have created an open-source general purpose digital feedback controller using the XEM6010. According to the project description, “it has been optimized for feedback control of lasers in atomic, molecular, and optical (AMO) physics experiments, but it should be applicable in other control applications with similar bandwidth, noise, and loop shape requirements.”Their paper, An Open Source Digital Servo for AMO Physics Experiments, describes the details and their GitHub project includes sources for the hardware, firmware, software design, and enclosure.
Optiphase, Inc.
Waveform Generator
Optiphase manufactures interferometric fiber optic sensor solutions. John Dailing at Optiphase has developed a PC-controlled Waveform and Timing Generator (WTG) Instrument using the Opal Kelly XEM3001 mated with a custom adapter PCB. The WTG Instrument was developed to support R&D instrument development where fully custom and fully embedded solutions are not practical. For more information on this equipment, please see our summary page.
iBiquity Digital
Test and Certification
iBiquity Digital Corporation, the developer of HD Radio™ technology which is fueling the digital radio revolution in the United States and around the world, uses Opal Kelly XEM3005 FPGA USB 2.0 modules in their Test and Certification Lab in Maryland and in their IC Development group in New Jersey. iBiquity uses the Opal Kelly FPGAs as an innovative approach to testing new chips, from a variety of manufacturers, where flexibility is crucial. iBiquity is also using Opal Kelly modules for I/Q base band insertion into decoder chips for certification.
Static Control Components
Laser toner remanufacturing
Static Control Components, the world’s largest manufacturer and distributor of parts and supplies supporting the laser toner remanufacturing industry, uses Opal Kelly XEM3001 modules in in-house test equipment to test their assembled products.
Mustang Technology
Mustang Technology, a defense systems company with specific expertise in radar, RF sensors, aircraft and missile integrated systems, and guidance and control systems, uses the Opal Kelly XEM3010 to test their Radar prototype hardware.
W5 Networks
Wireless systems for retail
XEM3001, XEM3010
W5 Networks, a provider of cost-effective electronic shelf label systems for retailers, uses Opal Kelly XEM3001 and XEM3010-1500P in its in-house test systems. The Opal Kelly products speed up the testing process in W5’s test fixtures.
Radix20 Design Services
ASIC Simulation / Emulation
XEM3050, XEM3010
Radix20 is using the XEM3050 to develop a design that will become an ASIC implementation in the final product, a GPS receiver for Magellan Systems. “With the XEM3050, we are able to operate the simulations faster than real-time, dramatically reducing the time required for design verification… We are so happy with the performance of the XEM3050 that we are considering reworking our entire design verification system and demo unit to use this module,” says Gil Herbeck, President of Radix20.

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