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Industrial Acoustics and 3D Audio
VisiSonics RealSpace™ tools combine real-time acoustic signal processing algorithms with computer vision and machine learning on GPU equipped platforms to provide a new generation of technologies to address real world problems. VisiSonics was named one of the “Five Companies to Watch” at the October 2010 NVIDIA Emerging Companies Summit. They use Opal Kelly modules for their Audio Camera.

“VisiSonics produces the high performance RealSpace Audio Camera that combine 64 microphones and five video cameras to capture and process real-time frame registered 3D audio / video scenes. We use the Opal Kelly XEM modules to control and format the data acquisition process and manage the device. The Opal Kelly module is easy to develop with and its use has allowed us to focus our energy on our core business of signal processing and industrial acoustic solutions rather than on complex digital design. We have begun our next product cycle and Opal Kelly is still our design choice,” Bill Strum VP of Business development and COO.

Jova Solutions
CMOS manufacturing andcamera developers
Case Study
Jova Solutions is an engineering test equipment development firm. Jova determined an urgent need in the market for a reasonably priced test system for CMOS image sensors. “The Opal Kelly XEM3010-1000 is an expertly-designed module that is the heart of our instrument… the central core of our CMOS Image Sensor Lab ISL-1600. It provides a development platform and a communication layer that has dramatically reduced development engineering expense and has accelerated our time-to-market,” stated Martin Vasey, CEO, Jova Solutions.
Fibics Incorporated
Semiconductors and materialsscience / metallurgy
XEM3001, XEM3010
Case Study
Fibics Incorporated provides analysis solutions to semiconductor and materials science / metallurgy clients, specializing in focused ion beam (FIB) applications and analytical services. 90% of Fibics’ work focuses on solving “real-world, commercial problems.” According to Mike Phaneuf, Fibics’ President, “Opal Kelly XEM3010 and XEM3001 modules have been used as the heart of half a dozen designs for solving those problems.”
e/de/vis GmbH
Quality-control equipment
XEM3001, XEM3005
e/de/vis GmbH, is a manufacturer of non-destructive test equipment using infrared cameras. Opal Kelly XEM3001 and XEM3005 products are used for signal generation, frame grabbing, and synchronization tasks.

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