Product Prototyping


Stanford University
3D Cameras
“Digital cameras keep packing in the pixels, but they can’t hide the truth: Photos are flat. Now, engineers at Stanford University have developed a way to bring 3-D clarity and depth to the world of 2-D photography.” Popular Science Online Article
RPM Associates
Smart phones, cellular phones
RPM Associates uses Opal Kelly’s XEM3010 module for prototyping image processing algorithms and as a display timing controller for small displays for mobile applications. The end products are smartphones and cell phones. Rainer Malzbender, RPM’s founder, says, “Opal Kelly provides a very easy PC interface for experimentation – software, firmware, and hardware.”
Dream Inventions
Toys and consumer electronics
Dream Inventions designs chips that go into products from consumer toys to consumer electronics companies. According to Tom McWilliams, Dream Inventions’ founder, “The main attraction for me is the use of the Opal Kelly board with the Macintosh for development.”
The patent-pending Neuronix technologies will be designed into vision-guided industrial robots and into military and video surveillance systems. The Opal Kelly FPGA-based XEM3010 is used to perform buffering and DSP functions, as well as communicate to a PC via USB.
Sandstrom Engineering
Sandstrom Engineering uses Opal Kelly modules to emulate SONAR signals converted to serial busses.

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